Puff Dino Green Gas with Oil 12kg



PUFF DINO Green Gas is manufactured by the leader manufacturer of aerosol products in Taiwan. PUFF DINO gas is from an ISO 9001 certificated production line, so it can keeps in a stable high quality.
We add suitable silicone oil to aid smoothness and power of every shot.


  • Our product is using high power quality gas that perfectly mixed with silicon to improve your gun performance.
  • Silicon mixed will protect your gun; lubricant parts while you are shooting and upgrade every shooting experience you have.
  • The reason why we added silicon is due to liquefied gas will causing instant frozen effect right after leave the pressurized cylinder and making plastic/rubber parts hardened and brittle.
  • With our high-quality silicone added, it will help to prevent parts accelerate aging. Therefore enhances maintenance and smoothness in shooting.
  • This will also save you from time-consuming process like separating internal parts to lubricating them individually.
  • The metal nuzzle design will increase the life of usage and prevent leakage of green gas. By using green gas, our product is eco-friendly and harmless to the environment.


  • Hold the green gas cylinder upside down and press the cylinder nozzle straight down into the magazine valve.
  • Once you see the green gas leak out from magazine valve; it means there are enough gas filled and stop filling immediately.
  • The gas pressure would differ by the temperature.


  • Volume: 600 ml
  • Packaging: 30 pcs/ctn
  • Product Size: 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 29.0 cm
  • .
  • Ingredient : C3H8, Silicone Oil.


Weight: 0.30kg